So you've found your person, and you're considering taking photos with them. Great! In this guide we will cover your questions on why to book a session, where to go, what to expect and all things in-between for your engagement photos. Even if you're not engaged yet and are considering a couples session, you are still in the right place!

3 Reasons to Book an Engagement Session

1. To meet your photographer (that's me!)

Engagement sessions are a great opportunity to break the ice and meet your photographer. I personally love to learn more about the two of you, giving us a better understanding of your relationship and ability to create more photos that match your personality. Plus, It will give us a higher level of confidence to share those more intimate moments, like a tear shed hugging your grandmother before you walk down the aisle, reading a letter your loved one wrote, or even just taking a moment to soak in all the energy of the day.

Many people don't realize until the day of, your photographer will be by your side 90% of the day, more than your partner or wedding party! Make sure you choose someone you WANT around you, not just for their awesome photography skills.

2. Time to break your fear of being in front of the camera.

I can't tell you how many couples reach out to me and say "I'm so awkward." "My Fiancé does not want to do photos because he thinks it'll be painful." "what do I do with my hands 🫠" or "I'm nervous I'll look bad." Let's take all those fears and EVAPORATE THEM before your wedding day!

Most people do not have professional modeling experience. My approach to photography isn't to always tell you to hold a specific pose, instead I'll offer you prompts or movements to keep you flowing. Once I start to learn your personality and see what works and what doesn't (because everyone is different) you'll notice it doesn't feel like a camera is pointing, but you're on an adventure with a friend.

Bonus: It can make for a great date night!

3. Print your photos!

Say hello to gorgeous Save the Dates, images to decorate tables at your wedding, thank you cards, or even some nice wall art to start your journey! Nothing is more important than taking photos with your loved ones.

Bonus: Can be used as a holiday gift to your partner! My favorite is a custom puzzle.

Where to go? What to Bring?

Let's talk about who you are as a couple. Here's some questions to ask yourselves to help determine the location of your session:

  • Where did you meet?
  • Mountains, Beaches or City?
  • Formal or casual?
  • Do you have a mutual hobby? Examples: Guitar, Tennis, Books, Cooking?
  • Do you have Pets to include?
  • Season?

I LOVE an adventure! If we need to go for a hike, or drive around your home town and pop by your high school sweet heart hang out spots, let's make it happen! Of course living in Newport, I do love the feeling of the coastline and always encourage people that don't really have a spot that speaks to them to check out some of the options here.

What to bring....?

Props can be a fun way to add an extra layer of personality to your photos. Bring your Guitar, Champagne, Bubbles, stop for Ice Cream, or whatever fills your cup! Depending on the season, blankets, sparklers, towels to dry off after running into the ocean, you catch my drift.

Pets are also always welcome and encouraged! Depending on the animal and temperament, sometimes we might need an extra set of hands to hang onto your pet or only bring them for the first 10 minutes of the session. Make sure to give me a heads up before you decide to bring your extra family member(s)!

What to wear?!?

This is the ultimate question, but I want you to remember one thing. Wear what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

I encourage bringing multiple outfits to your session. Just like choosing your location, keep your outfit YOU. If your never wear dresses and kind of want to wear one because you think it will look nice, make sure you pack the other outfit that you will recognize yourself in. Here's some ideas to base your outfit around!

  1. The classic elegant look
  2. The jeans and tee shirt
  3. The crazy Pinterest idea (please don't bring this as your only option!)

Now let's talk colors. It's important to correlate your outfit to your partners and find complimentary colors to each other. If you want a bold red dress to run out in, make sure your partner has a nice complimentary color that won't take away from your moment, but will also not clash.

Let's also consider the season/location. Ocean seaside looks beautiful with whites, blues, light colored outfits. Spring is nice whites, pastels and a few extra layers in case its cold. Fall leaves are more warmer earth tones. Winter you cold choose a bright color to pop in the snow, or go with a few other nice warm colors. Avoid cooler colors that will make you look too cold.

I have an app recommendation, It's called Ask Hue. You can take a photo of your outfit and it will show you a list of complimentary colors to choose from! Will absolutely be a life saver on a shopping trip!

I recommend avoiding loud patterns on both partners. If one person has a pattern, be sure the other person has a solid color on. For example, a red flannel and a green flower dress might be a bad match! I'm a huge fan of trying to avoid patterns all together so they do not distract from you two!

To Summarize it all...

BE YOU. You don't need to copy Pinterest to a T. While it can be a very helpful tool to help you make a mood board and find what you're attracted to, don't let your mind get too off tract from your personalities and what will tell your love story the best.

Communication is key to having a successful session. Don't be afraid to reach out to me with the crazy ideas or questions! Talk to your partner about outfits, props and locations and let's make your vision a reality.

Check out my couples inspo Pinterest!