Jessica & Mark 12/21/2020

Mark and I first connected on Facebook as he was searching for a photographer local to Newport to take engagement photos. As he is from Boston, he was searching for someone that knew the Second Beach area for his engagement best. He made it clear that him and Jessica were going to be a laid back couple and just really wanted to capture the memory. When I asked him what his plan was in case of rain, he replied, "This is the day, place and time it is happing no matter what the weather does." I learned this was the exact moment of their 3 year anniversary and he wanted to seal in that special date with a ring and there was no stopping him!

As we arrived to the beach, you could tell by the smiles and nerves, yet positive energy they were ready. We walked out and he took Jessicas hand got down on one knee, and she took one big breath as a YES filled the air. Jessica & Mark had chosen the ring together and all they were awaiting was the perfect moment that had finally come.

We took photos around second beach, at the surfers end and finished at Purgatory Chasm, It was also a neat spot to share with the couple as they had never been. Afterwards they asked for a great Burger spot in town to celebrate. Who doesn't want to finish off the perfect day with the perfect burger?