On January 29th, 2021 Jon & Cate Finally Got To Say I DO...

Although it wasn't the New Years Eve vineyard wedding they were planning, this micro wedding was beautiful, intimate and one of my favorite micro weddings. Hosted by Jon's parents in Florida and catered by a private chef, every moment of the day felt like it was sprinkled with magic.

Jon & Cate are not only wonderful clients, but close friends. I asked them a few questions that they answered separately on reflection of this last year and what they are excited for in the years to come together.

Getting Ready

In 3 words how would you describe your first year together?

Cate ~ connected, loving, exciting 

Jon ~ loving, fun, adventurous 

Moments Before

The Ceremony

What's something you've done that's really made a difference

in your marriage that you would pass as advice to others?

Cate ~ We support each other fully and have allowed each other to continue to chase our career goals even when that means moving…again. We know putting in the hard work now will pay off for our family in the end. 

Jon ~ Something we’ve done to really make our marriage work is constantly telling each other how much we care and love each other. We listen and talk effortlessly and are constantly trying to do activities together, whether that is a new recipe to cook or going out and doing something new in a new place. Making sure that we always find time to do something together has been a huge part of us, a quick trip to Raleigh, Asheville or Tampa for a wkend getaway when it’s only an hr drive, stay in a hotel and go explore. It has helped us continue to create memory after memory together that we will never forget.


What are you excited to accomplish together?

Cate ~ Looking forward to tackling this year together. We’ll be living in 2 different states - FL and TX - for most of the year. It will lots of flying and weekend trips for me to meet the team wherever they’re playing. I’ve started coaching again so that limit the free time I have but financially will allow me to fly all the time. 

Jon ~ We are definitely looking forward to starting a family, it’s something we are both very excited about and have always wanted.

Let's Get The Party Started!

Happy One Year Anniversary Cate & Jon!